New Feature Revealed: Learn Pinyin with NihaoKids!

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Blog

Take a sneak peak at what our illustrators have been tirelessly working on for the past year.

It’s the first of its kind illustrated Pinyin (Chinese transliteration) series — that will help your child effortlessly develop an understanding of Chinese pronunciation and master it with ease.

Pinyin Vowels

a | Pinyin sounds | NihaoKids
e | Pinyin sounds | NihaoKids
i | Pinyin sounds | NihaoKids
o | Pinyin sounds | NihaoKids
u | Pinyin sounds | NihaoKids
ü | Pinyin sounds | NihaoKids

Writing Pinyin

Writing "a" | Pinyin sounds | NihaoKids
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