Learn Chinese in Sydney

Learn Chinese in Sydney

Hutong School Sydney specializes in teaching Mandarin Chinese to learners of all levels and backgrounds. Through our wide range of courses, we offer those looking to learn Chinese in Sydney the chance to experience authentic language and culture without going far. All of our teachers are highly qualified native speakers with several years’ experience teaching Chinese in Australia.

Our courses in Sydney follow the innovative teaching method used in our other schools across China and the world. This helps students to quickly start conversing in Mandarin whilst gradually recognizing characters.

Learn Chinese in Sydney | Hutong School

Chinese Courses In Sydney

Our Chinese courses have been specially designed to suit different levels, ages and aims. Classes can be adapted to focus on daily conversational practice, exam preparation or vocabulary and grammar to help you achieve your personal or professional goals. Not sure if you should learn Mandarin? Here’s why we think you should.

Chinese classes in Sydney | Hutong School

Chinese for English Speakers

Our methodology is designed to help learners with no background in Asian languages quickly grasp the foundations of written and spoken Chinese. This course is available for all levels, in groups or private.

Business Chinese Classes | Hutong School

Business Chinese Courses

Need to learn Chinese for work? Our experienced teachers can help. Take specialized courses tailored to your sector and simultaneously improve your vocabulary and knowledge of doing business in China.

Chinese classes for children in Sydney | Hutong School

Courses for Children

Help your child stand out from the crowd with our Chinese courses for children. Specially designed to make learning Mandarin fun, these courses are tailored to suit the age, and level of your child whilst introducing Chinese culture.

Tourist Chinese classes in Sydney | Hutong School

Tourist Chinese Courses

Planning a trip to China? Enhance your experience by joining our Tourist Chinese course. Learn some useful phrases for getting around, eating out and bargaining as well as some cultural tips to make your trip more rewarding.

Looking for something else? We also offer courses for Cantonese speakers, Mandarin coaching programs for HSC, corporate training programs and specialized courses. Simply get in touch to find out more.

Additional Services

In addition to language courses, we also offer the following at Hutong School Sydney:

Chinese culture classes in Sydney | Hutong School

Chinese Cultural Courses

Are you interested in learning more about Chinese culture? Join us as we explore the history, art, cuisine, language and politics of China.

Cultural Activities

We run regular cultural activities at our Sydney school including Chinese painting, calligraphy and cooking classes. These interactive events aim to help give our students a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

Our Teachers

All of our teachers in Sydney are native Mandarin speakers with academic degrees from universities in Australia and China. They all have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience and have successfully passed an intensive training period. Our teachers share a passion for teaching and helping foreign learners discover China without leaving Australia through a range of Chinese courses and cultural activities.

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Our methodology | Hutong School

Our Methodology

Hutong School Sydney follows the same teaching methodology as our schools in China and around the world. Based on 12+ years’ experience teaching Mandarin, our unique teaching methodology has been proven to speed up the language learning process. By separating spoken Chinese from character recognition and promoting total immersion, we encourage students to start speaking from the very beginning. As you progress in spoken Chinese, you develop an understanding of the logic underpinning Chinese character construction and begin laying a solid foundation for character memorisation.

We pride ourselves on our teaching quality, for which we’ve been awarded the iStudy Guide award for Educational Excellence. Students at Hutong School Sydney can learn using our 3-part textbook series or choose from a range of other quality learning materials.

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If you are interested in booking your Chinese Classes in Sydney or if you have any further questions, please email us at info@hutongschool.com, or visit the contact page: